Welcome to Luminance Mental Health Counseling!

Luminance Mental Health Counseling is my private practice while Surviving Depression is an initiative I started to help spread awareness around depression, by specifically, Being a light to Depression by:


  • Educating around depression

  • Giving hope to those who suffer

  • Normalizing and breaking stigma associated with depression

Resources for you:  

Praying Together
A Supportive Hug
Open Book

Empathy is not a sin

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Join our private and supportive Facebook community regarding Spiritual Abuse and Neglect. Here we offer encouragement for those who have been abused or neglected in hopes of rekindling a love for Christ and His church. Click here

Surviving Depression

Facebook Group

Join our private and supportive Facebook community regarding all things depression. Click here


My first published book on my experience with depression. Buy this book for yourself or someone you love who is dealing with depression. For your copy of my book "the progressive Darkness: For the Christian Losing hope in Depression" Click here

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Coming in SPring of 2022

Three part education series called Progressing from darkness.

I teamed up with Nathan Mancini, founder at FOrefront to walk the audience through biblical truths regarding depression and God's thoughts and love toward a person suffering from it.